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Our Learning Assembly

After much rehearsing we were ready to show our Learning Assembly to our parents on the 23rd March and we did a great job.  We had learned so much information about Australia and took our audience on a tour as we told them about the country, famous landmarks, the Outback, the Aborigine people and Australian animals.  We know that the Commonwealth Games are in Australia in April 2018.  We sang Waltzing Matilda, Kookaburra and Tiddalik the Big Green Frog. Video link coming soon!


What We Are Learning (Jan to March )


We are doing lots of VCOP work (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) and Big Writing activities.  In our weekly Big Write lessons we are working on letters, instructions and then stories.  We do some work towards this every day and do our Big Write on a Thursday.  Have a look at the school's writing blog, found under the 'Pupils' tab.

Our phonics work continues with Active Literacy activities which work on a new sound and some common words each week, with some revision weeks built in. We use magnetic boards and letters, pairs, bingo, dice games, letter games and other activities to help us learn these sounds.  Our spelling is coming on in leaps and bounds!

We continue with group reading, library on Wednesdays, handwriting, reading and grammar work.  We will be looking at non-fiction books and using an index and contents page in the following weeks. 


We continue with our Big Maths mental maths work which culminates in a Beat That test on Fridays.  We are each working hard to move up a level.  We also keep remembering things we have already learned, like place value, adding, subtraction, ordering and fact families, with our CLICs and we are just starting the new SAFE activities - these focus on time, fractions, information handling, shape and money.  This will help us remember what we know in these areas. 

In our other maths work we have learned about money, patterns, fractions and we are just starting on time work.  We are also using tens and units to consolidate place value work.  Mrs Davidson is continuing with Problem Solving work.

Any work at home to practise number bonds is very useful.  Pupils could practise telling o'clock and half past times. 


We completed a mini-topic on Scottish Foods in January.  Now we are learning about Australia and linking this to the Commonwealth Games, which start in Australia in April.  We are learning about animals, landmarks, Aborigine people, weather and developing an understanding of what the Commonwealth is. 

If you have anything at home to support our learning please let us know!

Investigation Stations

In our topic work just now we are learning through structured activities.  We decide on a set of stations and the children sign up for the one they would like to do. Stations include Create and Make, Write and Design, Technology Centre.  We try to do this three times in the week and we have to report to others about what we have learned.  This encourages team work, personal responsibility, creativity and thinking skills.

Many thanks to Mrs Duffy at Forgandenny for introducing us to this approach.

 Other Curriculum Areas

In art we have been creating pictures with paper and paint and doing some colour mixing.  We have been developing our drawing skills and now we are going on to printing.  We are continuing our music lessons with Miss Anderson and our PE skills with Mrs Hunter.  In our ICT time we are creating Word documents, typing short amounts, changing the font sizes, inserting pictures and saving them - phew!  Mrs Davidson is doing some work in RME on Family and Friends. Our focus in Science is Water and we have learned about the Water Cycle. Miss Leckie has completed some water and teeth experiments where the pupils had to predict, observe and record results. We are learning body parts in French and describing ourselves. In health work we have learned about healthy teeth and we are going to move onto some road safety work.  We are also learning about Growth Mindset - this is learning that mistakes help us learn, it is okay to take risks with our learning and believing that we can always get better when we practise.


World Book Day

We are not dressing up this year but each pupil received a book voucher.  Why not try the favourite book challenge on our class story page on Class Dojo?


Scots Poetry Competition

Well done to our class winners and all our class for taking part.



Shortbread Baking


At the end of our Scottish Foods mini-topic we baked some shortbread.  We had to take turns, follow instructions and use weighing.  We all enjoyed eating our biscuits!




Special thanks to Mrs Marshall and Miss Leckie for helping us.


Christmas Party


Our Christmas party had dancing, games, a conga, snacks and a visit from a special and very busy, important person!

Here we are before we went to the hall.



Christmas Show

P1 and P2 performed 'Bethleben the Donkey' as our nativity show this year.  It was lots of hard work but worth it because we all enjoyed performing.  Here we are at the end of our dress rehearsal.

 Outdoor Learning

P2 enjoyed going outdoors to work with their P7 buddies.  We went berry picking, solved some playground riddles and went to the forest to make some forest floor art.  Enjoying nature and working together!

Here we are in the playground.




Welcome to our webpage.  We will keep important class information here and show some of our learning.


Handy reminders: our PE days at present are Mondays and Thursdays.  Please keep PE kits in school and label all kit items.  Homework is issued on a Tuesday and should be handed in on a Monday at the latest.  Reading books should be brought to school every day.  Library is on a Wednesday.


The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - we have been using this picture book, and others in the series, as a context for our learning. 


We have really enjoyed this book and we are taking part in a 'Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' activity afternoon today.  We have enjoyed making sandwiches in the style of the book - but no mustard - doing a word search based on the book and  a seagull game! We are looking forward to tasting our sandwiches!




They were yummy!




Literacy - we are now using the Active Literacy approach and focus on one sound per week plus some common words.  We take part in different activities such as bingo and pairs to help us with our learning.  We do writing lessons too and practise writing at some point every day.




Maths - we are working on adding, range and type of number, shape and position and movement.

Health and Wellbeing - we created our class charter and thought about rights that are important to us.  We are thinking about healthy food choices.