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Forest Schools

To help us appreciate our landscape and take our learning outdoors we have been visiting the woods to learn.  We have played games and learned the Forest School Rules.  Ask us if we can remember all 7!

Last week we were working on showing what we knew about fractions using circles to create pictures.  Learning how to draw an accurate circle was quite tricky.

Class Visit to The Hermitage and Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre

As part of our topic work we decided to visit the Highlands. We were able to see how the landscape differs as we drove from the Central Lowlands and entered into the start of the Highlands. We met two National Trust Rangers at The Hermitage who were able to tell us lots about how the area developed and the different types of creatures that now like to live there.  The Falls of the River Braan were spectacular and viewing them from Ossian's Hall of Mirrors was breath-taking.


After visiting the Hermitage we had a short bus journey up to Pitlochry where we enjoyed a variety of activities that taught us about Hydro-Electricity.  We had experimented with a small turbine in class that allowed us to see how rushing water through a tube made the turbine spin fast creating energy.  At the Visitor Centre we made models of wind turbines.  The water turbine spun much faster than our wind turbines.  In the interactive area we were able to create energy using our muscles.  That was really hard work!

Primary 4 Term 3 Update

This term we are learning about Scottish Landscapes and have come up with a plan for what we would like to learn.  We have lots of questions and things we would like to explore more.

Scottish Landscapes Visible Plan

In particular we are going to be learning about the key role water plays in our beautiful country - the seas that surround us and the 790 islands to the north and west of Scotland, the coastlines and the rivers that cut through our the hills and flat lands.


We are also focusing on improving our ability to learn with a Growth Mindset.  Learning about our brain; how it works; and how we can help it to grow as long as we are ready to give things a go.

We know that there are different parts to our brain and that we can help neurons to connect when we challenge ourselves.

Our BrainNeurons


Neurons are tiny.  When we try new things we can connect neurons together to help our brains grow.

Our learning is like a journey and sometimes we feel like we've fallen into a pit because we don't know what to do.  We are learning strategies to help us get out of the pit and look for more challenges.


Learning Pit

On Monday 5th February we held a curriculum evening to share a little about what we do in class.  Here is a link to the power point presentation.  If you have any questions about Growth Mindset, Big Writing or our homework please feel free to get in touch.



Welcome to Primary 4

P4 have been learning to introduce themselves in French!

Have a listen to P4 speaking French and see if you can understand what they are trying to say about themselves.



We have also been learning about Hot and Cold Countries. Mrs Davidson worked with us to produce a map which helped us learn about climates. 

"There are tropical climates, polar climates, and dry desert. It is hottest near the Equator and coldest in the Antarctic." (Freyja)

"We learned about average temperatures with Miss Dow, and learned facts about them. In Greenland the average temperature is -3." (Amber)

We also linked our artwork to our topic. We mixed hot colours to make sunrise scenes with Mrs Davidson and mixed cold colours to make arctic scenes with Mrs Mackinnon.


"We mixed colours with the paints and cut trees, mountains and cactus to make a sunrise." (Ella)

We have set up a STEAM challenge area in the classroom. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  Watch this space for our STEAM work!

Our first challenge:

Do you want to build a snowman?




In Maths we have been working on doubling two digit numbers and adding two digit numbers to 100.


In ICT we have been finding out about animals from hot and cold countries, and writing about them or preparing a powerpoint.



In PE, we have been playing team games and working on our ball skills. "We played taking turns at shooting at the hoops and we did passing." (Freyja)


In Primary 4 we have class jobs which are allocated to us, which help us develop our leadership skills and make us responsible citizens. These are our jobs:

Table Manager, Table Assistant, Janitor, Secretary, Finished Work Tray Organiser, Receptionist, Cloakroom, Cleaner, Librarian.


Here is our Class Charter, which we put together at the beginning of the school year, and designed ourselves. We used Unicef's Convention on the Rights of the Child to find which articles we felt were most relevant to our daily lives, and agreed that we would try to follow the Rights Respecting behaviours and actions. We all signed up to follow this Charter for the school year. The articles we chose were:

Article 23: you have the right to special education and care if you have additional needs.

Article 24: you have the right to the best healthcare possible.

Article 24: you have the right to nutritious food.

Article 28: you have the right to the best possible education.