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Welcome to the P7M Class Page

Ms. McLaren  


Here are our joint P7s performing their Dalguise song:


Some P7s have been working on a Film Elective module on a Thursday afternoon. The children divided into two groups and both chose to make a comedy film to be entered into this year's Big County Small Film competition in a few weeks. Here are some photos of their process, from planning, scripts, props, rehearsals and filming:




Here are some quotes from some of the children about what they have been learning in Maths and about Growth Mindset:

"I learned that there are fractions in shapes" (Nala).

"I learned about Prime Numbers" (Gary).

"I learned that you can think and see numbers and that's the strongest way to learn maths" (Freya).

"I learned that neurons can connect like a bridge when you learn something new" (Rebecca).

"Fibonacci's pattern is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13" (Kelis, after learning about the Fibonacci Sequence).

"I really learned alot from that video. Now I know how much my brain can grow in a year" (Flynn, , after watching a video about Growth Mindset).


We’ve started our new paired reading with Primary 2 and Primary 3. This is being enjoyed by all:





 Art is taught by Mrs Cochrane on a Monday. Could each child please bring an old, unwanted, large shirt as their own art apron to avoid messing-up their uniform. This will be kept at school all year.

Music is taught by Miss Anderson on a Monday afternoon.

French Miss Anderson will also be teaching the class & Spelling Homework on a Wednesday morning.

PE We will have PE every Monday and Friday and will complete the Daily mile on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure pupils have clean PE kit for lessons.

Whilst Bikeability is being delivered to P7D, Mrs Dewar will be taking reading groups and supervising spelling. Whilst it is being delivered to P6 Miss McKinnon will deliver the Science of ‘Everything changes’.

Please make sure that your child brings a water bottle to school each day, as well as a snack Friday is "Fruity Friday" when only fruit is allowed to be eaten in class.


P7M learning for Term 1

1- 13th Aug- 5th Oct Week 1-8         October Holidays


WWII- Using storyline


John Muir Award – Investigating a wild place.


Big County Small Films competition- with Mrs Anderson & Ms McLaren

Junior Play Leader Award- with Mrs Dewar

Vex-IQ Challenge Competition- Robotics with Ms McLaren


John Muir Award – Investigating a wild place.

Representatives on ECO, Pupil Council & Rights Respecting committees

Dinner Duties

Buddies- Paired reading

House Leaders

Buddy Crew

Website Crew

Bertha Park Roving Reporter

Mobile Librarians

Health & Wellbeing

Class charter

Equality and Fairness including racism-

Gender equality – Emmeline Pankhurst. Look at the rights of different children around the world during WWII

PE- Games and Team Building

Dalguise- Team Building, Resilience, Challenge

See Electives



Reading Focus- Personal reading for enjoyment. Select a book to read and review it

Writing- Personal writing- Note taking- Persuasive writing

Grammar- Paragraphing

Focus, Presentation - expectations - VCOP

Listening & talking Presenting speeches for leadership roles - co-operative tasks.

Listen-up tasks

Maths core


Number and Number Processes:

-Range & type of number

-addition & subtraction

-Multiplication and division


Problem Solving- Youcubed- investigating number patterns with Stanford University

Maths in context



Area/Perimeter plan a wartime garden

 Scale - Timelines


Rights Rules and responsibilities. Class Charter

Religious conflict. Then and now- WWII-Holocaust


Materials- Chemical Changes- Everything changes.

Expressive arts

French songs

Storyline people and buildings

Music specialist- Music express

Art specialist- Linked to context


Design a WWII meal

Effective browsing & sourcing

See Electives


Everyday communications & instructions including dinner menu- with Ms McLaren

French tuition- with Miss Anderson


 Useful websites








https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJML1_JNCLIVex IQ