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Welcome to primary 1/2's web page.

We are so excited to show you all of our learning so keep checking the page for updates!

Our first topic of the year is DINOSAURS.




We have PE on Monday's with Miss Cheetham and PE on Thursday's with Miss Imlay. Drama with Mrs Ogg is on Wednesday's.


We have made a great start with our dinosaur topic learning all about where they lived and what we think they looked like. 



Our P7 Buddies organised a fantastic afternoon of fun for us for our first week! Thanks again to the primary 7's for all their hard work, we all had a blast!



    It's time to DISCOVER! We will be searching for fossils and dinosaur bones in our classroom... LET THE HUNT BEGIN!
Photos of our paleontologists to follow...
          Its true we have found some dinosaur bones in the sand! 
We have "Talking Partners" in our class and today we worked with our talking partners to group dinosaurs into different categories. 
We looked at HERBIVORES and CARNIVORES as well as where the animals live (land, water and sea).
Well done!
To Amber and Hayley for their super reading. Happy girls with their well deserved certificates.
Our class novel is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. So we designed our own "boring Grannies" just like Ben thinks his Granny is.
Discovery time!
Thanks to Amber we are able to watch our very own dinosaur egg hatch and turn into a dinosaur! We are so excited to see the process.
Watch for the next stages..
Stage 1:    Stage 2:  
Stage 3:    and it has HATCHED!!!
Dinosaur Maths
We went outdoors to measure out the size of different dinosaurs and then compared it to the size of us! We measured in metres, using metre sticks and we worked together. 
On Tuesday's we currently have a student from Perth High School who comes to do some music with us. 
Have a look at the photos to see us working with our talking partners to create animal sounds with instruments. We then use the instruments to make sound stories.
Our main focus in music has been on rhythm and beats. In the video below we were trying out a rhythm to find out about our favourite things.
We have been looking at muscial notes and how many beats they represent. We know know what they are called and we even made our own symbols to help us remember the notes:
Semi-breve - 4 beats - Our symbol: a SQUARE
Minim - 2 beats - Our symbol: a BICYCLE
Crotchet - 1 beat - Our symbol: a FLOWER
Quaver - half a beat - Our symbol: a SEMI-CIRCLE
We had a great morning taking part in a maths carousel. We were focusing on addtion and number work. Our stations were:








In physical education with Miss Cheetham we played "steal the dinosaur eggs" where we had to use different skills such as speed, agility, coordination, balance and teamwork. We had to steal the eggs and store them in our own 'baskets' first of all by running and picking the 'egg' up, then we had to hop to collect the egg and hope back again. Each time when we arrived back to our team we gave the next person a HIGH 5 to pass the shot on to them. The final challenge was to use smaller 'eggs' and a bat. We had to balance our 'eggs' on the bats as best as we could to get the safely back to the 'basket'.

Have a look at some of the skills we tried out:








Dinosaur arts and crafts! 


    We used pasta to create dinosaur skeletons!