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Primary 2

         Ms Ogston          


Welcome to the class page for Primary 2. 



 This term P2 are going to be learning about Scottish Castles, using mapping techniques.




18/12/18: Oona and Isaac chatted today about what Primary 2 has been up to recently. The big thing recently has been the P1 and P2 Nativity performances which took place last week. All the Primary 2 children sang, and some had lines to learn. They practised every day in the P1 classroom, and worked really hard to make the performance good. The children really liked having their families there to see them perform.


On Monday it was the P1, 2 and 3 Christmas Party, which was great fun. The children played games and danced, and had some juice and a snack. They ended with a giant conga line around the playground.




The children have been making Christmas crafts like a Christmas tree, a Christmas card with ribbons, and a reindeer by drawing around their hand. They learned about the Christmas story, and have made a book to retell it.


27.11.18: Helena and Ellie Grace chatted today about what P2 have been learning recently. The children have been learning about the life of St Andrew, who was a friend of Jesus and one of his first disciples. He is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and was crucified on an X-shaped cross on 30th November 60AD, which is why we celebrate St Andrew's Day on 30th November, and why the Scottish Saltire has that type of  cross on it. 


The P2s have been working hard at practising their songs for the P1 and P2 Nativity, The Sleepy Shepherd, which will take place on December 11th and 12th. In Art, the class have been using ink and rollers to print pictures. In Maths, the children have been counting in 2s, counting in 5s, and working on their addition and subtraction. They have been working hard at learning their common words, as well as writing poems in class. In French they children have been learning greetings such as "bonjour" and "Comment t'appelles tu?", while in PE they have been learning Scottish Dancing. Our wonderful Parent Council paid for the class to get a new mat to sit in front of the smart board, so thank you very much to them. Look how fabulous it is:


13/11/18: Zak and Struan spoke today about what P2 have been learning about in class. They learned about why we buy poppies to remember the soldiers who have died in wars. In Maths, the children have been doing sums to 13, and in their Big Write, they have been writing poems and making them rhyme. In Music, the class have been learning about high sounds and low sounds, as well as the different sounds which musical instruments make. Struan's favourite instrument was the triangle, and Zak's was the piano. In the Woodlands topic, P2 have been learning about animals and how they smell, as well as camouflage. In PE, the children have been doing lots of running and jogging on the spot, while in French they have been learning colours.

In Art the children have been making shapes and patterns using leaves with Mrs Cochrane.







P2 have been working on SHANARRI, talking about being safe, healthy, achieving and nurtured. The children have also been learning their colours in French. They have been creating beautiful artworks of trees with Mrs Cochrane.





We went for a tour of the church with Mr Wilson, who told us about the pews, the font, the pulpit and so on.



We have been learning about making patterns too:



Primary 2 has been learning in the forest: making patterns with sticks, conkers and acorns, and learning about bird's feathers.






The children have been enjoying paired reading with the P7s.



We have been using feely bags to explore our senses.



The children's families were invited into school to taste the chocolate, carrot and beetroot cakes which the children had made from their harvested produce:




P2 was back at the Church Hall this week again to make cakes from their harvested produce of carrots and beetroots with Avril.



25/9/18: Ruby (with Roger) and Anna told us more about the stir-fry lunch which P2 had last week. The class was separated into two groups, and each made half the stir fry. They used sweet peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rainbow carrots, spring onions and broad beans. Anna liked the noodles, but not the vegetable sauce, and Ruby didn't like the dish at all, though she did try it. She did like the prawn crackers though, as well as the fortune cookies.




P2 have been learning about hedgehogs as part of their Woodlands topic. Anna remembered that they have about 100 spikes, to protect them from their enemies, and they can roll into a ball. Their babies are blind and are called "hoglets". Ruby said that they have been learning about trees, which get turned into paper and also provide oxygen. P2 are going to the woods for the next 4 Wednesday afternoons for Forest Schools.

18/9/18: Grace and Lewis chatted today about what P2 have been doing recently. They said that they have been working with 100 squares in Maths, and learning how to log onto computers and get onto Google in ICT. P2 have also been learning about owls. Grace remembered that their claws are called talons, and Lewis knew that baby owls use their egg tooth to break out of their eggs when they hatch.

Last week P2 harvested the vegetables that we grew at the polytunnels before the Summer, so that the class could go to the Church Hall, chop up the vegetables and make a stir-fry with Linda Chan, to eat for our lunch. Linda also gave us fortune cookies to take home.

P2 would like to thank Avril Fulton for the huge amount of work she has put into this project spanning last year and this one.



4/9/18: Liam and Kayden spoke today about what they have been doing in class over the last couple of weeks. They said that in Art they have been making owls from paper and googly eyes with Mrs Cochrane. These are on the wall outside the classroom. They have also been making hedgehogs with Ms Ogston, which are displayed on the wall in class.


Liam said that they have been writing words beginning with "wh", and the boys between them could remember the words "what", "whale", "wheel", and "where".

In Maths the class have been doing their Beat That tests, and trying to get better scores each week.

In P.E. P2 have been playing football and working on their dribbling and heading skills, as well as throwing the ball up in the air and clapping before catching it. They have been doing this with Mrs Hunter.

In Music the class has been singing the Woodsman song, part songs and up and down songs.

In ICT the children have been learning how to log on and log off a computer.

Here is a picture of our Class Charter which Amy and Ethan talked about a couple of weeks ago:


Please make sure that your child brings a water bottle to school each day, as well as a snack, with only fruit for snack on a Friday as this is the whole school's "Fruity Friday". 

Art is taught by Mrs Cochrane on a Tuesday and music is taught by Miss Anderson on a Monday. 

Amy and Ethan have been talking about what the class has been doing in the first two weeks. Amy said "We have been learning different adding ups", and both of them spoke about their Class Charter which has the design of a flower with bees buzzing around it, the bees each having a photo of the children's faces on. The topic this term is woodlands, and the children described how in art they have been talking about making creatures that live in the woods. Liam wants to make an eagle with strings attached to make it fly.

The children are given jobs within the class: Amy and Lewis take the blue box up to the office each morning. Amy hands out the lunch bands and Ethan tidies up the library.