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 Merry Christmas! 


We are getting in the Christmas spirit and today we enjoyed a Christmas lunch.  Here we are in our Christmas outfits.


Germ Attack

Rory's mum is a nurse and she came in to show us how germs can still be on your hands even after they have been washed.  We had to spray our hands with a special spray, then wash them and then place them under a special light which showed up the spots we had missed.


Rory's mum also told about her job looking after sick babies and how to prevent germs being passed around in the hospital.  Grace put on an apron, mask and gloves.  Thank you Rory's mum - we really enjoyed your visit!

Term 2 - October to December 2016

Here is what we are learning this term.

Science and Health - Our topic this term is 'Germ Attack'.  We will learn about germs, where we find them and what they do.  We will learn about some common diseases, how they are treated and why handwashing is very important.  We will consider healthcare for different groups of people and how these needs are met in our local community. Any parents who work in healthcare - please consider visiting us to tell us about your job! As part of our health lessons we will look at safe ways of using medicines and how to get help in an emergency.

Language - as well as reading in our groups we will look at the skills of reading for the main idea, and sorting fact and opinion.  In writing we will be writing instructions and simple poster or leaflets.

Maths - we will continue with Big Maths to help us with our mental maths strategies.  We will also work on subtraction, multiplication and finding information in bar graphs, charts and tables.

Expressive Arts - we have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where our focus just now is fitness, with social dance later on.  In art we will use observing and recording to create visual information.  In music we will listen and respond to a range of music.  Drama continues to be on a Thursday with our specialist Mrs Ogg.

RME - we are listening to some Bible stories and learning that Christians believe Jesus healed people.

We will also continue with our ICT lessons  and French.


Our Roald Dahl Day

We enjoyed our dress-up day as Roald Dahl characters.


 We wore fabulous costumes.


Characters from The BFG                        Characters from The Witches, Fantastic Mr Fox and                                                                     James and the Giant Peach.


The Enormous Crocodile                            Characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Characters from Danny Champion of the World, George's Marvellous Medicine and Roald Dahl's poem about Little Red Riding Hood



Welcome to our page.  Here you will find useful information about our class.  We will also share some of our learning with you.



                               Here we are, looking very smart for the new term!


Our P.E. days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  It is very helpful if pupils have their (named!) gym kit in school at all times.  Please label all items of school uniform and water bottles should come to school ready to use.  Homework will go out on a Monday and should be returned by Friday.

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt.  We will learn about daily life for Ancient Egyptians, the role and power of the Pharaohs, the importance of the River Nile, their belief in the afterlife and the Gods and  how and why the pyramids were built.


Reading will be heard on regular days and it is very helpful if the reading books and records come to school every day.  Writing this term is focusing on personal accounts, labelling diagrams and reports.

In maths we are looking at range and type of number, shape, adding and position and movement.  Our Big Maths work helps us develop our mental maths strategies.

Health - We have been developing our Class Charter, reminding ourselves of our four school values and learning about the SHANARRI wheel.



 Our class decided on these rights for our charter.    

Article 28 We have the right to an education.    

Article 25 We have the right to medical care and to information that helps us stay well.

Article 15 We have the right to be with friends and join and set up clubs.

RME - Special Days, such as weddings and Christenings.  Some of us have shared some lovely Christening photos.

Art - We are looking at the visual elements of line, shape, colour and pattern.

Music - We have been singing music with growing confidence (especially with Rookie Rockstars!) and listening and responding to a range of music.

Drama is with our specialist Mrs Ogg, and PE is with Mrs Harrow once a week and the class teacher once a week.  We also have a session of ICT once a week.

Science - We are learning about Planet Earth in the context of space.

We also learn French and try to speak French every day!

Please make an appointment or catch me at the end of the day if you have a concern you would like to discuss.