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Welcome to Primary 3



 Miss Figures    & Mrs Davidson

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Our topic this term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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5/3/20: P3 took part in the Day of Dance at Perth Concert Hall last week, and did a lovely performance of their Superheroes Dance.



26/2/20: We are taking part in the Day of Dance in Perth this week, along with other PKC schools, and we are doing a Superhero themed dance. Primary 3 have received a postcard from a school in France, as part of our collaborative Hands of the World Project, and we have sent a reply back to them. The Makaton song we are learning this month is "1000 years", which we have to film and send in to the HOTW project. One line of the song will be selected and put into a final video which will be amalgamated with lines from other schools across the world at the end of March.


As part of our topic of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we are designing our own chocolate bars. We will also make crispy cakes in a few weeks, and have been working on weighing and measuring in Maths.


21.1.20: P3 are learning to play the recorder this term. So far, the children have learned the notes A and B, as well as rhythms such as a crotchet and a quaver.

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In our collaborative Hands of the World project, where we sent three postcards to schools in other parts of the world, we have received two postcards back from other schools: one from Greece and one from Wales. We explored the postcards through the QR codes that were on them, and we could see what the other language looked like and sounded like when spoken. We emailed them and asked them questions, and have kept in touch ever since. The schools we emailed have also been in touch (two in Scotland), and again we have been emailing them. This time we have been assigned three new schools to write postcards to, and these are:

Lisa Steven's class from Whitehouse Common Primary in Birmingham, England, http://www.whitehousecommon.bham.sch.uk/

Kirsten Barrett's class from St Maria Goretti Primary in Glasgow,



and Kate Antonova's class from Moscow Primary School in Russia.


The schedule for the HOTW project over the next few months is as follows:

January - logo for HOTW

February - collaborative song which will use Makaton

March - collaborative song which will use Makaton

April and May - team work (we will be paired with some schools for an activity of some sort)

June - teachers song


Alongside this is the HOTW travelling teddy! We are signed up and he will visit at some point, but we are not sure when that will be yet, so will keep you informed when we know more.


19.12.19: Yesterday's P1s, P2 and P3 Christmas party was great fun.





17.12.19: As part of P3's Hands of the World project, the class performed "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

Here is a link to the padlet page for this Christmas song, to see children in other places perform the same song:



27.11.19: Kayden and Struan chatted today about what the class has been learning recently. The class is involved in an E-twinning project called "Hands of the World". (The project brings children from around the world together through the use of music and Makaton to preserve their linguistic identities and to develop an understanding and awareness of other languages and cultures. HOTW is a fully inclusive project for learners of all ages, abilities and nationalities. Learners will engage in a range of activities each month to work collaboratively with others around the world to create collaborative videos, undertake challenges of the week, use traditional and modern methods of communication, and most importantly, learn from one another).

The P3 class is twinned with schools in Turkey, England and the South of Scotland and make and send them postcards, telling them about what their school is like. Each postcard also contains a QR code which, when scanned, has the Dunbarney children talking, so that the children in other schools can hear their language and dialect. The class posted a video of the Hello song, using Makaton, onto the school's Twitter account.


Here is a link to the padlet page for the Hello song, to learn more about other schools taking part in the Hands of the World project:



In Maths the children have been learning about fractions and working hard on their Beat That tests. They are coming to the end of their Superheroes topic, and have done some great artwork with Mrs Cochrane, which is displayed outside the classroom.  


13.11.19: Ellie Grace and Duncan chatted today about what P3 have been learning about recently. They are enjoying their Superheroes topic, and have been making masks out of paper. They have also been using the computers to learn more about superheroes. As part of their Big Write they have been making Superhero comics. In Maths, the children have been learning their 10 times table, and in French they have been learning the names of body parts and also the seasons. In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, the children have been making poppy pictures for Remembrance Day, whilst in PE, with Mr Marshall, they have been doing gymnastics and circuits. They also made a lovely "well done" card for the P6 class, to congratulate them on their excellent show "Pages &Co", which they wrote and performed.


23.10.19: We are excited for this term's new topic of Superheroes. We will be doing LOTS of art this term around this theme.


25.9.19: We have been practising for our sharing assembly about Romans and Celts.This video is our first video for the project ‘Hands of the World’. This is a makaton based project with schools from all over the world.



We decided to practise a dress rehearsal outside, to get ourselves in the mood for our assembly.






18.9.19: Nicholas and Anna chatted today about what P2 have been learning. The children are currently preparing a show about the Romans for parents and the community. Mrs Cochrane is going to help them make Roman shields and helmets in Art. In Maths, they have been halving and doubling numbers. In Big Write they have been writing about how to be healthy, and in PE they have been improving their throwing and catching skills with beanbags. They have also regularly been doing their Daily Mile around the playground.


4.9.19: Logan and Lewis chatted today about what they have been learning in class. P3 have been working on their Class Charter, which has a Roman theme. The children have been making Roman shields for the Charter and have been exploring children's rights using the UNCRC. They are focussing on the right to have a house and a comfy bed, and the right to play. In Maths the children have been learning the ten times table. They have also done a Big Write about themselves, describing their favourite and least favourite foods etc. In PE with Mr Marshall they have been playing ball games, whilst in Art, with Mrs Cochrane, they have been learning how to bubble write the initials of their names. Mrs Cochrane is going to help the children to make Roman armour and shields too. With Miss Figures, the children have been drawing their own faces to put onto Roman coins. The whole class has "Smart Start" first thing in the morning, which are jobs they do when they first get into class.


Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday each week, to be returned the following Monday.



Welcome to P3! A fabulous first day with everyone enjoying themselves and getting stuck in! Looking forward to a fantastic and exciting year.






 Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle containing fresh water (not juice) to school each day. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name, including PE kits. PE kits should be kept in school. PE will take place on a Thursday with Mr Marshall, our PE specialist, and Art will be with Mrs Cochrane on a Monday. Please bring in an old shirt to keep in school for use as an art apron.