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Welcome to Primary 4


     Mrs Campbell 


The topic this term is "Vikings"



17/1/19: P4 were doing Imaginative Writing today for their baseline assessment. Look what they found in the school garden to inspire their stories!!!


15/1/19: Mrs Campbell is still always looking for parents and carers to come into school to talk about their job to the P4 class, as part of the learning about the world of work. Please let Mrs C know if you would be available at any time during the school week.






18/12/18: Ava and Isla spoke today about their learning in the last few weeks. As part of their water topic they carried out science experiments with Lego. This was their "Hoover Dam" project, where each group had to try and construct a dam made from Lego, which would hold back water. Some dams worked and some didn't!




The class have been learning about the Water Cycle, and have been writing about why the sea is salty in their Big Write on a Thursday.

In Music, the children have been working on different beats and rhythms, while in Maths they have been learning about time. In PE, the class have been improving their stamina, as well as learning Scottish Dancing. Art has had a Christmas theme recently, with the whole class making an advent calendar with Mrs Cochrane. They have also made portraits of snowmen, using glittery paint.


30/11/18: Happy St Andrew's Day from Primary 4!


23/11/18: As part of their Water topic, P4 carried out some fantastic experiments in class to learn about density, using sugar solution and dyes.



20/11/18: Sam J. and Amy chatted today about what P4 have been learning in class recently. As part of their Water topic they have been carrying out science experiments on floating and sinking, estimating whether different matter would float or sink before the experiment started. They have also been carrying out some experiments looking at how water is absorbed by plants.  They spoke about recording experiments and making predictions. The children also enjoyed the "walking water" experiment where they made a bridge of kitchen roll between 4 different containers of dyed water. The children learned that the kitchen roll absorbed the dye, which travelled up the kitchen roll until it stopped at the top.




The children wrote poems about water, and they have also created pictures in Art, using water colours and Sharpies, and graduating from wavy to straight lines from top to bottom of the page, and darker to lighter colours. Other art projects have included drawing Autumn leaves, poppies and also 3D houses. 

In Maths the children have been doing their Learn Its, Clics and Safes, which they take home to practise and do the real test on a Friday. The children also do the Chilli Challenges - where they get to pick the hardness of a maths challenge - one chilli is the easiest, two chillies are medium, and three chillies are the hardest challenges. Sam and Amy both said they like to pick the hardest challenges! Great ambition!

In French, P4 have been learning colours and numbers 1-20. Sam's dad came in to make a video to send back to Sam's old school in France.


In the Daily Mile, the children are doing a Marathon Challenge, adding up the miles they have completed until they get to the Marathon distance of 26 miles. So far, the class have done nearly 10 miles.  In PE, the class have been working on flexibility and speed, as well as trying out hockey.


7/11/18: This week, Mrs Davidson, came into  P4 to talk to the class about being a Social Worker. This is all part of developing skills for life, learning and work. The class also carried out science experiments on floating, sinking and density. 





 There was also a Diwali day last week, where the children made Mendhi, Rangoli patterns, and did drama with the story of Rama and Sita.


 2/11/18: Primary 4 were awarded the Class of the Month cup this month. Hooray!


2/10/18: Lucas and Jaxon talked about the many things which P4 have been doing this term. They went on a trip to New Milne Farm and also to Stewart Tower dairy (where they were given the delicious ice cream to try), as part of their farming topic. At New Milne they saw cows, sheep, chicks and bigger chickens.

The class also hosted a Macmillan event on 28th September. Not only did parents and carers come in to bake with the children, but lots of parents and carers also sent in baking to sell on the day at a sharing assembly for parents. We raised £140 for MacMillan Cancer. Thank you to all who supported this event.


Local artist Alison Price came into class to work with us and showed us how to use different materials, including ink, feathers and branches to create little booklets which are going to be made into a story.



In Maths the class have been doing Chilli Challenges along with time, addition, multiplication, subtraction and Daily 10, in which you get a limited time with 10 sums to answer. They have also been doing well in their Learn Its, CLICs and Safe Tests. They have enjoyed learning how to sew and in Art have worked on sketching, perspectives and Highland cows.


Welcome to the class page for Primary 4. Important things to know for this year are:

  • Homework is given out on Monday, to be in on Thursday.
  • Art with Mrs Cochrane is on Monday. Please can all children bring in a large old shirt to use as a painting apron, which will be kept at school all year? This will help prevent uniforms becoming messy.
  • Music with Miss Anderson is on a Tuesday
  • P.E. takes place with Mrs Campbell on a Tuesday and Mrs Hunter on a Wednesday. Please make sure that, wherever possible, all children have trainers in school every day for the Daily Mile.
  • Water bottles should be brought to school every day, and should contain only water, not juice or fizzy drinks. They can be refilled at school throughout the day.
  • Fruit should be the snack provided every Friday, as the children eat their fruit together in the classroom before break on Fruity Friday.
  • Our topic this term is Farming.


Here is our planning wall, which Mrs Campbell showed to parents on Meet the Teacher night.  If any parents can volunteer in the class, at any time, please contact the school by whatever means they choose to say whenever suits them. All help will be gratefully received.


Here is our Class Charter, which we worked together on, to pick the Rights from UNCRC which we felt were most relevant to us.


 We have been working in partnership with parents already this term. On Friday afternoons we do sewing in the class, and we have had parents and grandparents in helping with that.



We have also worked really hard (with some help from Harry's dad) to dig over the raised beds in the school garden, to plant new crops. This is also a project which will need parental help along the way.