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Welcome to Primary 4


     Mr Johnston





Our topic this term is

The Amazon

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26.2.20: Our Farm to Fork topic finished with a very successful sharing assembly for the school and parents, and we have now moved on to the topic of The Amazon.  We will use maps and globes to locate the location of rainforests. We will be looking at the culture, people and tribes found in the Amazon, as well as the weather and climate there in the rainforest. We will be learning about the animals and plants found there, and their habitats within the 4 layers of the rainforest. We will learn about the river itself, and  also about deforestation. We will also be going back into the forest on a Friday afternoon for a few weeks before the Easter holidays, so that we can compare our local forest with the Amazon rainforest.


22.1.20: Matthew and Kaira chatted today about what P4 have been learning about recently. As part of their Farm to Fork topic the children have been thinking about their diets and where in the world their food comes from. They have a map in their jotters and have to label here the most popular foods originate from, so that they can see the journey that the food makes to get to their plate.

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They have been making power points in ICT about the months of the farming year, as well as using Sway to talk about their diets. P4 is going to be putting on an assembly about their Farm to Fork topic in term 3, so we are starting to think about that. 

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In Big Write the children have been working on up-levelling their stories, whilst in Maths, they have been working on measurement and the 4 times table.


In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, the children have been making textures on paper with different sponges, and then have cute them out and made robin pictures with them. In PE, with Mr Marshall, the children have been working on their fitness, doing circuits and bleep tests.


The children are also going to be making podcasts over the next few weeks. They have been listening to various podcasts in class, to help them think about style and content, and have divided into groups and started discussing what they want their own short podcasts to be about.

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10.12.19: Today was our Climate Change Day of Action at the Scout Hut. Thank you to the members of the community who turned up to support us. unfortunately, the weather was so dreadful that we had to postpone today's litter pick, for fear of being blown away. Here are some pictures of the event.




4.12.19: Jake and Lily H.-A. chatted today about what P4 have been learning recently. They have been working very hard towards their Climate Change Day of Action on Tuesday 10th December. They have been recycling cardboard in Art, with Mrs Cochrane, to make faces. The children have made posters, movies, artwork and leaflets, and have been sending out messages to raise awareness and encourage members of the local community to come along to the Scout Hut and join in with the community litter pick.



In ICT, the class have been learning about coding on Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/), a free website to help learn coding skills. In Big Write, the class have been writing creative stories, thinking about setting. In PE, the children have been working on their balancing skills, while in Maths, most of the class have been working on their 3 times table. The class have finished their block of Forest Schools now, and would like to thank their parent helpers, without whom it would not have been possible.










28.11.19: Here are some learning links to support the children's learning at home. These are organised into subjects.


Literacy and Language

https://www.storynory.com/ - Audio stories

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Interactive.aspx?cat=46 – Various spelling/grammar/writing activities

http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/literacy/ - Various spelling/grammar/writing activities


Numeracy and Maths

https://ttrockstars.com/ - Great timetables practise, all children have a login already

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button - Lots of basic number practise

https://nrich.maths.org/13119 - Problem solving activities


Inter Disciplinary Learning (IDL)

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zgckjxs - Has information and activities for lots of different curricular areas and subjects

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ - Has information and activities for lots of different curricular areas and subjects



13.11.19: Things are shaping up for our Climate Change Day of Action on 10th December. The children have been working out how they want to mark the day, and have decided that they will hold a rally/exhibition, displaying the children's climate change artwork. There will be an event on the day which other classes and members of the community will be invited to. We will be showing films, banners, posters and artwork. All the children have been given a role in organising the event, and have split into groups: we have 2 film groups, a communications group, a banner group, a leaflet group and a logistics group. More details will follow.











P4 will be looking at Climate Change this term, and will be building towards a "DAY OF ACTION" on 10th December. We are not sure yet, what form this Day of Action will take, as it will be decided by the children, but is a work in progress.



Forest Schools is starting this week on Friday afternoons, so remember your waterproofs and wellies.Image result for waterproof clothing for kids


This is Mr Johnston's plan for the 2019-2020 academic year:


View document dunbarney_year_plan_2019_20_p4.pdf

18/9/19: Isla and Cameron spoke today about P4's learning. The class have been researching Viking gods, such as Freyja and Thor, on the computers and writing about them. They are building up their Learning Wall in the classroom with information and questions about Vikings. They have been using textbooks in Maths and working with 3,4,5 and 6 digit numbers. This week in Big Write they were writing dialogue, practising using speech marks correctly.


11.9.19: Abby and Leo G. have been chatting about what P4 have been learning recently. As part of their Vikings topic they have learned that Vikings came from Scandinavia - Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and invaded Britain. The children also learned that the Vikings DIDN'T wear helmets with horns, like everyone thinks they do.  In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, the children have been doing a portrait of a Viking, and they have been making colour wheels with Mr Johnston. The class have been learning how to log on to Glow by themselves in ICT. They have been doing partitioning in Maths, and imaginative writing in Big Write, as well as practising joining up their writing. They have also been making a film about the parent council, with the help of P6, in order to encourage more parents to get involved. In PE, Mr Marshall has been teaching the class basketball skills and Mr Johnston has been teaching them warm-ups and games. They have made their class charter with a turtle design, with everyone's names on. The rights P4 are focussing on include the right to privacy and treating everyone fairly.


Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle containing fresh water (not juice) to school each day. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name, including PE kits. PE kits should be kept in school. PE will take place on a Thursday with Mr Marshall, our PE specialist, and Art will be with Mrs Cochrane. Please bring in an old shirt to keep in school for use as an art apron.