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Welcome to Primary 7

 Mr Johnston   


The class have the first break (10.15am - 10.45am) and first lunch slots (12.15pm - 1.00pm) outside, from our current staggered breaks. They eat their lunch in the classroom before their outside time slot.



P7 painted poppies on stones for Remembrance Day and delivered them to Mr Wilson at the Church. The pupils who Mr J takes over to the park to play football also asked to do their own minute's silence.




Staff from Bertha Park and Active Schools came to do a transition event in November, which was very successful.





The children made some Worry Dolls for the P2 buddies, to check in and keep the positive relationships going, even though they can't spend time together in person. The P2s then wrote thank you letters back.






Our outdoor learning week was a great success, despite the changeable autumnal Scottish weather. The children learned new skills, such as building shelters and making fires, as well as developing their team working and resilience over the course of the week, and learning to appreciate nature. Literacy and numeracy still continued, just in a different way.










The class took part in the Mini London Marathon Challenge in October, where they ran 2.6 miles around the park to raise money for charity. They meticulously worked out that to cover the correct distance they would have to run laps of their outside space at the front of the school 80 times.



The whole school took part in a Reading Record Challenge in October, part of Ness Book Fest's efforts to get as many children as possible reading books at one time in Scotland.



Those P7 pupils who wanted to put themselves forward to House Captain or Vice Captain were invited to pitch live on Teams to the whole school in September, saying why they would make a good House Leader. All the pupils and adults in the school were then given the opportunity to vote for who they wanted to represent their House. Democracy in action in Dunbarney. Well done to everyone who took part in this scary process. The successful candidates were as follows:






Before the October break, the children competed against each other in groups, using persuasive language to come up with advertising campaigns and products for smoothies. They pitched their ideas to Mr J and Mrs A. All groups made a fantastic effort and came up with excellent ideas and presentations, involving graphics, music and dancing.




Although the playground is currently divided into 4, with each class keeping to their own bubble, and staggered breaks taking place, so that only half the school is out at a time, there have still been opportunities for some dance tuition in a socially distanced way across the divide with some of last year's buddies:


The first transition event with Bertha Park took place in September, over Teams, because of Covid restrictions. Bertha Park staff answered some tough questions from the children.


The class had some open and honest discussions about the learning pit, and positive mindset attitudes at the start of the school year. The children also have their own learning spaces around the walls to display their work.