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Welcome to our class page for P5.

Mrs Strydom



      Mary Queen of Scots


8.1.19: The new topic for Primary 5 this term is Mary Queen of Scots


30/11/18: Primary Five visited the new Bertha Park High School in Perth, to learn about how they use renewable energy sources, as part of their Energy and Sustainability topic.


20/11/18: Rory and Kirstie chatted today about their new topic of Energy and Sustainability. They have been using ICT and books to research solar energy and wind farms. Next week the class is going on a trip to the new school at Bertha Park, to have a tour round and learn about how new schools are built to be as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. In Art they have been drawing cogs, linking to the energy topic, using pencils to draw around circles.

The class have been doing lots of fractions in Maths, as well as working on their creative writing in Literacy - creating characters and then writing stories about them.



In French they have been learning colours, days of the week and months by using songs on the computers. In Music the children have been learning about rhythm, while in PE they have been doing fitness training.


6/11/18: Today, Amber and Owen spoke about what they have been learning in P5. In Maths, they have been learning about fractions, such as 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4, as well as value and exchange of money, and statistics, using tally marks, pictographs and bar graphs. The children have been focussing on imaginative stories. In Art, the children have been working on watercolours, making pictures of leaves, They also made 3D pop-up Halloween cards. The new topic this term is "Energy and Sustainability", learning about renewable and non-renewable energy sources in Scotland. Using ICT the children will be researching information on sustainability to make an information leaflet to promote sustainability. In Health and Wellbeing the children will be focussing this term on Food and Nutrition.

Today we made our own tornadoes from plastic bottles, water and glitter.


 Here are the tornadoes in action:


On 2/10/18 Oliver and Hayley talked about what P5 have been doing in the last few weeks. Everyone in class has made their own powerpoint presentation about natural disasters. This has improved their ICT skills and also their presentation skills, as each person stands in front of the class to present the powerpoint. Here are a couple of examples of what we have seen so far:



P5 had a fantastic trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, where they experienced all sorts of wonderful things. First they went to the show dome and saw a film about volcanoes, called "Super Volcanoes", where meteorites hurtled at them and they got to experience a volcano erupting. Then they all hopped into a time machine which took them through a timeline of the history of the earth. P5 then went into various different rooms including animals, seas (looking for whales through periscopes), the Arctic (which had a real iceberg in the room, and was very cold), and the Rainforest (which had birds, a crocodile, 2 snakes and an ape). After lunch P5 went to a workshop called "Quake, Rattle and Roll", where they learned what to do in case of an earthquake, a tornado, a meteorite strike, a volcanic eruption and a tsunami. P5 are now fully prepared for every eventuality!
On 11th September, Caiden and Hannah chatted about what the class have been learning over the last couple of weeks. The class topic is Natural Disasters, and they have been keeping track of the natural disasters which are currently taking place around the world, such as Hurricane Florence and the flooding in Kerala. They have been writing about this in their Big Write time.

In Maths the class have been learning about quarters, halves, division and time.

In P.E. with Mrs Hunter, P5 have been doing hockey and football. With Mrs Smith, they have been doing ball games, such as dodgeball and basketball.

In Art with Mrs Cochrane, the class have been using pastels to work on their pictures of The Great Wave, while in Music, with Miss Anderson, P5 have been using musical instruments, keeping the beat, and singing songs while playing tambourines.

P5 get their homework on a Tuesday each week, to be handed in the following Monday. They do reading twice a week in class.


On 30 August, Lily and Ella chatted about what they have been doing in class for the first two weeks. The class topic is Natural Disasters. With Mrs Paterson and Mrs Smith the class have been using volcano books and the internet to find out 6 facts about volcanos and have then written a report on volcanoes during Big Write.

The P5 Class Charter has a flower theme. The children drew round their hand and wrote Rights from UNCRC on their hand shape. These cut-out hands form the petals of the flowers for the display. Lily and Ella both agreed that one of the rights that was particularly important to them was the right to have their own friends.

Art takes place on a Monday, with Mrs Cochrane. Please could all children bring in an old large shirt to use as a painting apron to be kept at school all year? This will help prevent their uniforms from becoming messy. The children have been studying the picture "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by the Japanese artist Hokusai. They have practised drawing it and will be using paint or water pastels to recreate it.

Music takes place on a Tuesday. The class watched a Minions movie about the rules for music lessons, and then they have been learning about beats.

P.E. is on a Wednesday with Mrs Hunter, and on Friday with the class teacher.

Each morning the class practises handwriting, as they are working on how to do joined-up writing. If the children finish their work before other people, they can do quiet reading of a book they have brought from home, or one from the school library.

In Maths the children have been doing their Learn-Its, Beat That tests and CLIC tests each week.

Everyone in the class has a job to do, so the children are learning leadership skills.