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Welcome to our class page for P5.

 Miss Mathieson





Our topic this term is Mary Queen of Scots

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22/1/20: Sam J and Brodie chatted today about what P5 have been learning recently with Mrs Wallace and Mrs Campbell. They are enjoying their topic of Mary Queen of Scots, and have learned about her early life, becoming Queen of Scotland at 6 days old on the death of her father, travelling to France and being betrothed to the Dauphin Francis, then becoming Queen of France and Scotland on the death of Francis' father. When Francis also died, Mary returned to Scotland and married Lord Darnley. The class have just got up to the point of the murder of  Rizzio. The children have been researching Mary Queen of Scots to put into their learning jotters, and then using ICT to put this information into Sway.


In Maths, the class have continued their CLICs, Safes and Learn Its, as well as working on the 7 x table and 6 x table, and using both the TJ and SHM text books. In PE, with Mr Marshall, the class have been doing fitness, and the bleep test (Sam got 15, which was the highest score in the class). In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, the class have been creating beautiful pictures of winter trees


There is a big focus on the Scots poetry competition at the moment and we would encourage parents to help their children prepare for their recitation as much as possible, by making sure that they know the words. Brodie said he had been looking up YouTube videos of other children reciting the poem he is learning (Crocodile by J.K. Annand), to give him some tips for a good performance, which is a great idea. Sam wasn't having much luck finding YouTube videos of his poem, The Magic Pizza, by Alison Fitt, but he was practising hard anyway.


4.12.19: Harry and Cooper chatted today about what P5 have been learning about recently. The class have been doing some work on the UNCRC Rights of the Child, and wrote a report about Children's Rights in their Big Write session last week. In Maths, they have been doing fractions, using their tables and dividing. They have also been practising adding 3 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers. With Mrs Campbell the class have been drawing Perth buildings in black and white and then making them into 3D pop-up pictures. In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, they have also been making landscapes of Perth with oil pastels, watercolours and black sharpies.


The class have also been working with Mrs Cochrane on red and white Christmas trees, some of which are on display in the school foyer Art Gallery.



In P.E., with Mr Marshall, the children have been learning Highland Dancing, as well as using the vaulting horses. P5 have also started learning about electricity, using the computers to do research. and they are going to start using circuit boards this week. In ICT, they have been producing Word documents on the Rights of the Child, and they have also been creating leaflets on the computers with Mrs Davidson.  They continue to work on their times tables with TT Rockstars, and do their weekly reading groups.


8.11.19: This term the learning outcomes which the children will be looking at in depth will be identifying essential goods and services, discussing the different ways to pay for them, and considering the benefits and risks of each method (SOC 2-21a). They will also explore the local area and learn to present information on different places to live, work and relax, and interesting places to visit (SOC2-10a).


30.10.19: Callum and Chloe chatted today about what the class have been learning recently. In Big Write they have worked on newspaper reports and have now moved onto personal recounts of a story: last week it was about a natural disaster. In Maths, the class have been doing dividing and doubling and using jigsaw strategy. In art with Mrs Cochrane, the children have been making pop-up graveyard cards for Halloween, and today have been making portraits of themselves with Mrs Campbell, using Autumn leaves for the hair. P5 has recently started doing Bikeability 1 on a Tuesday afternoon in the playground, which they are enjoying. They have also done some French and Drama with Mrs Campbell this week. In PE, the children have been learning basketball skills.



24.10.19: P5 are going to start off this term looking at essential goods and services and the different ways we can pay for them. The class will also be starting their Bikeability 1 training. This week we had Doctor Bike in checking bikes and helmets.


 11.9.19 Jessica, Jaxon and Isla chatted today about what they have been learning in class. They have been doing research on the computers about Hurricane Dorian, as part of their Natural Disasters topic. In Art, with Mrs Cochrane,  they have been making volcanoes using collage with tissue paper. They have also been using atlases to learn about Scotland's natural landscapes. The children have been making their class charter, using Tagul to print the words from the class charter onto handprints to go on the wall. In PE, the children have been doing basketball and competitive games with Mr Marshall, and stations in the gym with Mrs Davidson. In Maths, they have been working on place values and six digit numbers. In Big Write they have been working on newspaper reports, and the children have also been doing grammar, comprehension and reading. Mrs Davidson has been learning about problem solving, and Mrs Strydom has been working on riddles. The children have been categorising groups of animals in science with Mrs Davidson.


Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday and should be handed in the following Monday.


Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle containing fresh water (not juice) to school each day. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name, including PE kits. PE kits should be kept in school. PE will take place on a Thursday with Mr Marshall, our PE specialist, and Art will be with Mrs Cochrane. Please bring in an old shirt to keep in school for use as an art apron.