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Welcome to the Primary 6 class web page! 


Miss MacKinnon  

Support: Mrs Paterson 



The Highland Clearances


19/2/19: Hazel and Morgan talked today about what P6 has been learning recently. They are still learning about the Highland Clearances, and have been doing internet research to make individual power-points on the subject, which they will present to the class. In Maths, P6 have been learning about perimeter and area. They found this hard at first, but are finding it is getting easier the more they practise. Their Big Write time has been on Imaginative Writing. In Art, they have been drawing a vase of daffodils in the style of Van Gogh, with Mrs Cochrane, while in music they have been working on beats and rhythm.

In RME, P6 have been learning about Buddhism. Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, was born into a royal family in present-day Nepal over 2500 years ago. He lived a life of privilege and luxury until one day he left the royal enclosure and encountered for the first time, an old man, a sick man, and a corpse. Disturbed by this he became a monk before adopting the harsh poverty of Indian asceticism. Neither path satisfied him and he decided to pursue the ‘Middle Way’ - a life without luxury but also without poverty.

Buddhists believe that one day, seated beneath the Bodhi tree (the tree of awakening), Siddhartha became deeply absorbed in meditation and reflected on his experience of life until he became enlightened. By finding the path to enlightenment, Siddhartha was led from the pain of suffering and rebirth towards the path of enlightenment and became known as the Buddha or 'awakened one'.


 P6 took part in the Perth and Kinross Schools Cross Country championship, along with P7, at Scone Race Course. Our fastest runner was Struan, who came 4th out of 250 competitors! Loads of supporters turned up to watch the children running the lap of the circuit. Luckily it wasn't too tiring. The children had been practising for the previous 4 weeks.


26/2/19: Ella and Evan spoke today about what P6 have been learning recently. They have been gathering evidence about the Highland Clearances to make individual power-point presentations to present to the class. In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, they used oil pastels to draw pictures of Highland crofts. In Big Write, they have been doing imaginative stories, and last week they wrote about the Three Little Pigs from the Wolf's point of view. They have been practising their comprehension skills using "Read Theory" on the iPads on a Wednesday afternoon, and they have also been learning about pronouns.

In Maths, they have been learning about equivalent fractions, perimeters and quantity. In French, the children have been learning their numbers, as well as class instructions, such as "push your chairs in" etc. They have been doing Cross Country training at the park, doing 5 laps of the park, and have also been doing fitness circuits in the gym, doing one minute at each station. Primary 6 have been thinking about friendships, and who is important to them, by doing the Diamond 9. In Health and Wellbeing they have also been looking at the sugar and fat content in food, and have been designing healthy plates. 


5/2/19: Letitia and Brandon chatted today about what Primary 6 have been learning in the last few weeks. Their topic is The Highland Clearances, so they have been learning about this through books, websites, worksheets, Power-points, reading The Desperate Journey, and by looking at Scottish Clans. They have designed their own individual clan crests in Art with Mrs Cochrane. They are down to the 6 finalists in the Scots Poem competition, with the final taking place tomorrow.

P6 have been focussing on Persuasive Writing in class, including one piece on why junk food should be banned in school. They have also been working on their comprehension skills, using the Read Theory app on the iPads. In Maths, they have been working on percentages and fractions. For their PE time, the class have been doing fitness circuits, and cross country in the park, as well as doing their Daily Mile. In Music, the children have been doing raps, as well as using glockenspiels and xylophones and bells to make music for a song about the different seasons.


15/1/19: Struan and Corey chatted today about what P6 have been learning since coming back after the Christmas break. There has a big launch throughout the whole school of our new school motto, "Be Your Best Self". There have been assemblies, class discussions and Big Write has focussed on this too last week, to get the children thinking about what qualities they have, and what positive personality traits and talents make them be the best versions of themselves.

The class have also been watching videos about the Highland Clearances and taking notes. In Maths they have been learning about percentages. In PE they have been doing fitness, stretches etc, while in Art they have made 2019 pictures, as well as before and after drawings, using different methods to get more realism in their drawings.


8/1/19: The topic for Primary 6 this term is the Highland Clearances, focussing on the book "The Desperate Journey" by Kathleen Fidler, about  a family leaving a Highland croft and emigrating to Canada.





19/12/18: The P6 and P7 Christmas party was a great success. Games, dancing, snack and juice. Who could ask for more?


18/12/18: Ben spoke today about what the class have been doing recently. Primary 6 have been learning about Climate Change and how it affects the food chain. In Maths, they have been working on percentages and money problems. Primary 6's Big Write has been focussing on writing newspaper articles recently. In Music, the children have been playing instruments to accompany poems.

As part of P6's Eco responsibility, they litter-pick the playground and garden every lunchtime, then weigh the litter collected. If the litter monitors see somebody dropping litter at morning break, that person then joins the team on the lunchtime litter-pick. The Primary 6 children have been helping the P3 class to learn Scottish Dancing for their Christmas party, and the class also have the responsibility for doing the school's Christmas card deliveries. They sort through the post box, collect some P1 buddies and then go and deliver the cards around the school with them.


7/12/18: Primary Six playing board games with their Primary One Buddies. Good way to spend a wet afternoon.




6/12/18: Ben has been performing as part of the Sing It Sign It Choir at the launch of the national Oor Wullie Bucket Trail.



On 30 November Primary 6 attended the Day of Scottish Dance at Bell's Sports Centre, along with other Primary Schools from Perth and Kinross:





On 29th November, P6 had a visit from QMS and we learned about keeping a balanced diet and the eat well plate! Plus we had some fajitas!



23/11/18: Primary Six family and friends enjoyed sharing the children's learning at the end of the school day after the class assembly for  parents.



20/11/18: Kylah and Chloe chatted today about what the P6 children have been learning recently. In their Biodiversity topic, the children have been learning about the water cycle, food chains, and how plants grow. They have been using ICT to help them learn about this. In Maths, P6 have been working on chimney sums, with decimal points. In Literacy the children wrote acrostic poems about poppies and Remembrance Day, as well as writing newspaper articles, which have been really helping them to think about paragraphs. They have watched short films and then written stories about them using the first person perspective.

In Art they class have made 3D poppies, drawn poppy fields, and used oil pastels and paints to draw Autumn leaves.. They have been working on rhyme in Music, and social dance in PE, as they are representing the school at the Scottish Day of Dance next week. They have learned the Gay Gordons and the Military Two Step.


6/11/18: today, Karis, Callum and Grace R talked about what they have been learning in class. Their new topic this term is Biodiversity, with the tables in class being called Pollination, Ecosystems, Life Cycle and Climate.The children recently did bulb planting at Balmanno Park, with Avril Fulton, so that the whole community get to enjoy all the crocus and daffodil flowers which they planted.


In Art, P6 have made Autumn leaf pictures, Halloween pop-up cards, and also have worked on beautiful oil pastel pictures of poppies in the styles of Monet and Van Gogh.



The class have been doing chimney sums and mixed money sums in maths, and writing a newspaper article about Halloween in Big Write. They have completed the current part of Bikeability 2 as well.


On Tuesday 23rd October, P6 went to help Brig and Bloom plant some bulbs in the local community. They will hopefully bloom in the spring and add even more colour to our village. The activity links nicely into our new topic – Biodiversity. We will be thinking over the next term about how plants grow, what pollination is and much more! Thank you to Brig and Bloom for inviting us!




3.10.18: RHET Food and Farming Day


On Wednesday 3rd October, we went to a local Perthshire farm to see what happens and how this links to the environment too. We were learning about how we get food on our plates from the farms. Finding out about the different bumble bees and how important they are for pollinating flowers and plants, this links into our new topic of Biodiversity. We will start this topic in Term 2.

We were hearing about potatoes and how they are grown and the different types. The man showed us how chips and crisps are made.


Everything was really interesting and fun, we learned a lot.








P.S We even sat in a tractor!!



25/9/18: Millie and Erin talked about their learning. They have been using atlases to learn about different countries in Europe. Mrs M Paterson has been showing them how to use Glow to message classmates and Miss MacKinnon. In Maths, the class have been learning about symmetry, times tables, time and fractions. The girls talked about what they have been doing in Bikeability. They have been learning hand signals, safe stops, and the primary and secondary positions. They have been riding their bikes on the road, which they said was scary because there were lots of cars. Erin and Millie have been enjoying their P1 buddy responsibilities. "We get alot of opportunities. It's kind of like a sibling. We get buddy time on a Friday". Buddy time is used to play board games, and to learn about playing fairly and not dropping litter etc. In Forest Schools the children have been doing symmetry, collecting different colours of leaves, playing camouflage and improving teamwork skills. Forest Schools takes place every second Thursday.


11.9.18: Carly spoke about what P6 have been learning for the last couple of weeks. In Maths, the children have been learning about time, and working with analogue and digital clocks.

In Big Write, the children have been working on their literacy skills by writing about "My Hero" and "Things I Treasure".

Group reading takes place twice a week, on a Monday and Tuesday, with quiet reading of the children's own books being an option when the children have finished their work. Miss MacKinnon puts morning challenges on the smart-board each day for the children to complete during registration and choosing of dinners. Fast finishers can also go to pick a card from the box with an activity to do, so that nobody is ever sitting around with nothing to do.

In P.E. P6 have been playing Rounders and Basketball with Miss MacKinnon, and Hockey and Football with Mrs Hunter.

In Art, P6 have been drawing the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, using felt tip pens and pencils to copy from photographs. This links in to their topic of Europe, and so does their ICT time, researching countries and capital cities on the iPads.

In Music, P6 have been doing raps, including one about respect.

We have had assemblies so far about Rights, Mr Wilson has been in to hold an assembly, and the NSPCC have also been in to talk to every class about how to stay safe. They told us the Childline number is 0800 11 11. Here is a link to the NSPCC website:





28.8.18: Grace C. and Ross talked about what they have been doing since the beginning of term. Ross said P6 have been learning about Europe. In Art, with Mrs C, they have been drawing around their hands and then drawing flags in the hand shapes. In Music, with Miss Anderson, P6 have been making up their own raps about respect.

Grace said that the class have been doing Rounders in PE to test their teamwork skills. She also said that they have been revising family members in French too.

In Maths, the class have been revising time, using small clocks, as well as 2,3, and 5 times-tables. In Big Maths the children have been doing their Learn-its, CLICs and Beat That tests. During Big Write, the children have been writing about their hero, and have also been writing about a lighthouse keeper. There is time for quiet reading each day, where the children can choose a book to read from the school library.

Homework is given out on a Monday to be handed in on Friday.




This is our Class Charter. Over the first couple of weeks we discussed the Rights of the Child and decided on a few that we think are most important for Primary 6.  With a beach theme, we decided to focus on:

  • Article 14 - the right to have your own beliefs and religion
  • Article 28 - every child has the right to education
  • Article 2 - the right to not be treated unfairly on any basis
  • Article 15 - the right to choose your own friends

After some discussions and a vote, we decided as a class on these rights and the actions we will take to ensure we respect them. We are all part of the Class Charter, including Miss MacKinnon and Mrs Paterson, and you will see we are represented as coconuts!!!


This year we have a busy schedule:

  • Monday - Art.    Mrs Cochrane has asked everyone to bring in an old shirt as an apron/coverall to stop uniforms getting messy. This will be kept at school all year.
  • Tuesday - Music with Miss Anderson
  • Wednesday & Friday - P.E. with Mrs Hunter and Miss MacKinnon
  • Thursday - Forest Schools every second Thursday. We will get this routine started soon and letters will be sent out.