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P7's Leadership Groups

 Fundraiser Group- Photos now on sale


We are fundraising by selling photos from Dalguise to parents. The money from the photos will go towards our end of term party out of which we had a choice of either inflatable laser tag or paintballing. We chose the inflatable laser tag. It will also go towards Leavers’ hoodies.

Calendars £3        DVD £3


Skipping ropes have just arrived!

Watch this space for more news.


Dunbarney Journalists-


P7 have been making newspapers. For the latest edition the P7 have been going around all the classes and interviewing the teacher’s as well. This edition was available before the holidays. We are now working on the final edition.



Dunbarney Journalists-

- Hopefully you enjoyed the Easter term edition of the Dunbarney News. Our journalists are about to start on their last edition.


In French we have been learning the colours and the numbers. We have also been learning how to say where we live.


In maths we have started to do the platinum Beat Its Tests as Ms McLaren thought we were ready to.


P7 started with our eggstronauts which we had to name and make them come back to Earth safely. There were 6 injured and 3 murdered before we had started the Test. We each had to make a parachute and a crumple zone so that they would land safely and survive. Before we did it with our eggstronauts we tried it with a test subject (guinea pig) which was a glue stick.

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 Learning this term until 20th May '16

Mission to Mars learning

Social Subjects and Science: Pupils will study the significance of the moon to our planet, planetary movements related to time. They will explore the science required to get man into space and build the International Space Station (ISS). They will develop opinions on current space news and environmental issues as seen from the ISS. Throughout they will refer to maps to understand where and what is being discussed.

Technology: Pupils will study the air resistance of parachutes and test “Eggstronauts”. They will test out the aerodynamics of lift on wings. They will find that rockets need fuel, fuel is heavy so a balance needs to be found. They will design rocket considering aerodynamics and test them creating a fair test. They will programme a Roamer to perform a Mars mission. They will consider the technology of space suits and apply this to a team space suit design.

Health and Wellbeing: They will study their own selection of UN rights as selected in their class charter through the use of the UN Launchpad. They will revisit Bikeability 2 to refresh their skills before a Bike run . They will be involved in Leadership groups through the planning and start of House activities, ECO, Website, Newspaper and Fundraising. They will have the opportunity to take part in a real workplace on Take your Child to work day.

Literacy: Pupils will be focusing on using similes and metaphors. They will write an extended piece of Sci-fi. They will develop their self-assessment techniques using rubrics during the process of writing. They will practise note-taking and use these notes to write reports on technology. They will then extend this to include opinions on environmental issues and finally use persuasive writing to convince their peers of taking action to change something related to this.

Maths in context: Pupils will carry out budgeting for real life. They will create a solar system to scale. They will understand and that Weight= Mass x Gravity. Understand the numbers related to distance, diameter, etc of planets. They will measure, record and judge aerodynamics based on distance. They will measure, record and judge air resistance based on time. They will measure, record and judge rocket design based on distance and time. They will plot results and find line of best fit on their graphs

Expressive Arts: Pupils will research a living Scottish artist, Jolomo an impressionist artist, through the use of SCRAN. They will apply perspective, use a variety of medium and tools, experiment with colour mixing to make secondary colours then use their own colour pallet in the style of Jolomo using tools to introduce vibrant colours. These will be displayed in an art exhibition>They will learn more Scottish Country Dancing to teach to their parents at Scot’s night. They will perform their acapella 4 part piece once more to their largest audience yet at the Mock Court finals. They will design Mission Patches understand the significance of parts of a mission patch and the creating their own strong visual elements. They will interpret Vivaldi- The four seasons and Impressionist Gustav Holst- The planets suite. They will create their own impressionist music about their chosen fictitious planet.

RME: Pupils will understand the meaning behind sacred scripts from a variety of religions. They will develop an understanding of the variety of opinions on a variety of religions. They will develop and express their own opinions on how people of faith use the scripts today. They will understand some of the connections between faith stories and beliefs between different religions. They will listen to people of faith instruct them of their viewpoints and reflect on it.

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Buddy Group-Look out for the next buddy activity for Chinese new Year.

2016 date‎: ‎Monday, 8 February, Monkey

 Fundraiser Group-

Photos from Dalguise will be on sale soon.

This has been postponed-Get ready for December's "Sport and Beauty Activities." P7's are running sports activities in the hall with face and nail painting in the GP room. Both cost £1 for entry. Depending on how well you do at activities and the points you earn, you could end up the winner from your class and win a prize!

 Our learning this term.


WWII- Pupils will explore the end of the war, remembrance and Scotland after the war.

Scottish Law-Pupils will prepare cases for defence and pursers. They will and Mock Trial- Week 9-19


Pupils will study the story of “Silent Night” and learn the significance of songs from the wars. They will then perform these in the community.

They will study what happened to Jewish people after the war and how that relates to today.

They will also compare other religious pilgrimages.

 Health & Wellbeing

Pupils will take a close look at the law, how it protects a child. They will also reflect on how the law can take action on children who break it.


Pupils will study WWII inventions, their significance to the war and how they have been developed since. This will lead into investigating Scottish inventors and inventions.

 Maths in context

Pupils will be studying VAT and bills.


The focus will be on poetry, note-taking, reporting on trials and script writing for their witnesses.