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Bikeability Training

21/3/18 - Please see below link for a recent Bikeability Campaign to promote Bikeability in schools - we are lucky to already offer the training at Dunbarney but the videos are interesting to watch. Enjoy!  https://www.cycling.scot/cyclopedia?filter=video


You can find out more about Bikeability at http://Bikeabilityscotland.org

We are fortunate to offer our pupils Bikeability training.  It currently takes place on a Wednesday from 1.15pm - 2.30pm but will be moving to a Tuesday from 2018 (please refer to the additional pages for exact dates for each class) and is carried out by Ms McLaren and Mrs Dewar.

Bikeability 1 (BA1) takes place in the Playground and Bikeability 2 (BA2) is out on the roads around the school.

We also very fortunate to receive the Dr Bike maintenance session offered to PKC schools.  Within this session the bikes will receive a mini service and the children will have a group session to learn how to check their bikes & tyres to ensure their bike is safe before they go out and about. Although the bikes receive this service it is still YOUR responsibility to ensure the bike is in the correct working order for each training session.  Dr Bike is arranged for the Monday before the block of training commences and bikes should also be brought into school for this session (BA1 - service & group session / BA2 service only).

It is important that the children’s bikes receive the Dr Bike service and that they are in the correct working order.  Unfortunately if they are not they will not be able to take part. 

Prior to each training session please check and ensure the following on your child’s bike*:-

  •  both brakes are working well and that brake levers can’t be twisted
  • handle bars can’t be twisted
  • good tyre tread and tyres are blown up (as specified on the tyre itself)
  • chain and gears are working and oiled
  • saddle height is correct and it can’t be twisted (correct height means that only the toes and balls of both feet are touching the ground – whole foot touching means the saddle has to go higher). 

(*If your child does not have a bike or one that is in the correct working order we can arrange for him/her to use a pool bike FOC – an application form will need to be completed). 

All children MUST wear a cycle helmet, clothing & footwear appropriate for cycling and wet weather.

In order to follow a safe adult to pupil ratio (especially for BA2 out on the road) we must have at least 2 adult volunteer at all our sessions.  If you would like to volunteer as a helper please let us know.  More hands allows the group to go through more activities, learning much more.

Dr Bike Sessions - New for 1718 term

These sessions are aimed to help the children learn how to check their bike & tyres etc to ensure their bike is safe before they go out and about. I am also happy to detail that each bike brought in on the Dr Bike day will also receive a mini service ensuring the bike is in working order for the start of the Bikeability training.