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Honesty, Ambition, Respect and Kindness

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Welcome to the Playground page for Dunbarney Primary School. Here you will find useful information, photos and updates for what's going on at break-times.


November 2019: Now that Winter is here, the garden is very boggy, and is therefore until further notice (probably the Spring). The Trim Trail gets very slippery when the wood is damp, and the grass is muddy, so we try to protect the children (and their uniforms) from the risk of damage over the worst months. Please make sure that all children come to school with suitable jackets, as the weather is very changeable and we will only not go outside for break if it is absolutely lashing down. On cold days, a pair of gloves, hat and scarf are invaluable, as that lunch hour can seem a very long time when you are standing outside. 




11 November 2018: We would like to say a huge thank you to the Parent Council who gave us the money to buy new footballs and netballs, as we were down to a few very saggy items in the shed.



We now have class crates for the P1-3s to put their coats or jumpers into outside, if they are too warm. These are being used well and will hopefully make it easier to return lost items to the younger children, as long as the items are named. Older children should hang their coats up on the railings if they are too warm, but they must take them outside with them.  This is to try and prevent children wandering around the school unsupervised during breaks.

We are seeing excellent buddy work and children playing well together during our break-times, so keep up the good work everybody.

We generally tend to use the garden area and Trim Trail between April to October, but this is totally weather dependent. During the Winter the ground gets very soggy and muddy, and the wooden equipment becomes too slippery for the children to play on safely, so playground staff make the decision about when the garden area is open or closed on a daily basis. Our priority is always the safety of the children. 

 We do live in a changeable climate, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for spending an hour and a quarter outside each day, whether that's with a hat and sun-cream on, a waterproof jacket, or full snowsuit!. It is only when it is absolutely lashing down that we will call a wet playtime, as the children are much better getting fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy, so they do need to be prepared for all weathers.


Your playground staff are Mrs Anderson, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Dewar, Mrs Paterson and Mrs Johnston. They will help with any issues, upsets, bumps and bruises.


  Mrs Anderson   Mrs Marshall  Mrs Dewar  Mrs Paterson  Mrs Johnston


Our Playground Charter

We have a Playground Charter which the Rights Respecting Committee drew up which shows the Rights Respecting behaviours which we want to promote within our outdoor play area. These behaviours all relate to articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and we have signs up around the playground reminding the children of the behaviour which we expect everyone to demonstrate. They also link into our four core school values of Honesty, Ambition, Respect and Kindness. Our Charter is as follows: 

  •  We play safely and fairly.
  •  We look after each other.
  •  We let others join in our games.
  •  We are kind to others.
  •  We are honest and truthful.
  •  We look after our equipment.
  •  We share games and take turns.
  •  We are respectful and polite.
  • We are friendly to everyone.
  •  We say sorry if we have done something wrong.