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Village Kids Club

Tel: 07500 785258

Welcome to the web page for the Village Kids Club, the after school club run in one of the classrooms at Dunbarney Primary School from 3.15 pm until 6pm during term time. We are registered with the Care Inspectorate.  Messages can be left on the mobile during the day, and will be picked up when Kids Club opens to staff at 2.30pm.

Annual Registration fee is £13.00 per child or £20 per family.  The cost per session is £9.25 per session for single child and £8.80 per sibling.


Senior Supervisor: Daniella Taylor


Supervisor: Claire Allison 
Deputy Supervisor: Sarah Anderson






Claire and Carly had a BIG game of cards yesterday! 


Liam achieved drawing a race track and car round the entire circumference of the path in the garden last week. Awesome job, Liam!



We have been having a lovely time outside with our new P1 starts:


We enjoyed watching Despicable Me 3 at the end of the week, to relax and chill out.   



Ben and Carly made the longest Lego house in the world last week, and were rightfully proud of their achievement.



August 2018: At the children's request we made smoothies this week, with a variety of fruit and yogurt blended together. Some of the children really enjoyed them, while others didn't find them sweet enough for their taste. We had fun though, and made a big mess.



Welcome back to the 2018-2019 session, and welcome to our new starts from P1. We hope you all had a very pleasant Summer. We have a very busy year ahead, with most sessions of the After School Club being full already. As usual, we will be seeking the children's preferences for our planning for the term - so far they have suggested Italian themed day, Lego day, Disney day, slime-making and so on. We like to make sure we have a tech-free day each week, to encourage imaginative play, and we always make sure the children are outside burning up energy as much as is practically possible, and here are Ben and Oliver up the trees in the garden, while some of our P2 boys were busily engaged with cars and tyres:









 We have been having fun in the garden in the lovely weather, using ropes and tyres to make swings. Our older girls love to get away from it all up the trees.


 We use loose parts to make dens and vehicles and improve our skills at trying new experiences. We held a "Gymnastics Day", where two of our girls demonstrated their talents and helped the other children develop their gymnastic abilities, along with two of the older girls from the school who helped us out. We also had a "Superheroes Day", where the children all dressed up and we did superheroes activities.



We had a lovely pyjama, popcorn and movie day too, where we all came in our pjs, watched films and ate popcorn, even the staff.



Welcome to our new Supervisor, Claire, who joined us after the Easter holidays. Claire has many years of experience in childcare, and brings lots of enthusiasm and new ideas for the Kids Club. 


April 2018: We've been using loose parts outside to encourage imaginative and unstructured play.



Happy faces enjoying Easter fun outside at the end of the Spring term. 

We have been in the (very muddy) school garden during these lighter evenings, so apologies for some messy uniforms. However, we HAVE been having fun up the trees (despite the look on Erin's face).



We also use the gym hall frequently for football and other physical games, to give the children the opportunity to blow off some steam and improve their skills.



Well, the severity of the snow certainly took us by surprise the other week. Apologies to parents for having to close the service unexpectedly on Wednesday with the blizzards coming in, and thank you for your understanding about all schools and kids clubs being shut on Thursday and Friday too. The March bills have been issued, and we would appreciate payment by 26th March prior to the financial year end. Many thanks.


Prior to the arrival of the snow last week, we had started working on Mother's Day Cards in Club, like this lovely one made by Freyja.



The children have been choosing activities they want to do throughout March for our planning, including Mother's day, St Patrick's Day and Easter crafts and activities.


Through February we were doing lots of arts and crafts for Valentines and Chinese New Year, as well as making penguins:



We have just invested in some new toys and games, including Playmobil, Barbie, a Nintendo Switch and many new board games. Here are pictures of some of the children enjoying them:




Here are two links to useful information about Perth and Kinross After School club services: