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Welcome to P1/2

Mrs Drysdale


The class have the first break (10.15am - 10.45am) and first lunch slots (12.15pm - 1.00pm) outside, from our current staggered breaks. They eat their lunch in the classroom before their outside time slot. It is of great help to the school if you have discussed with your child what their choice of lunch for the day is before they get to class in the morning.



October also saw the P1/2s improving their technology skills by practising taking pictures on iPads:


The whole school took part in a Reading Record Challenge in October, part of Ness Book Fest's efforts to get as many children as possible reading books at one time in Scotland. The children really enjoyed the stories read by Mrs Drysdale.



Democracy in action when the whole school watched on Teams as the P7 candidates for House Captain and Vice Captain made their pitches to get votes:


The queue at the Co-op were kept entertained by a P1/2 outdoor PE session: