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Honesty, Ambition, Respect and Kindness

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Welcome to Primary 1 

  Mrs Cant & Mrs Davidson  


 OUR NATIVITY: the daytime performance will be on Tuesday, 11th December, around 2:30pm.

The night time performance will be Wednesday, 12th December.




6/12/18: Here is a little sneak peak of the Nativity rehearsals - shhhhhhh!






20/11/18: Emily H and Josh chatted today about what Primary 1 have been learning. They have a student teacher, Mr Hutton, working with them at the moment, alongside Mrs Cant and Mrs Davidson. The children have continued to learn their letters and their numbers, and in French they have been learning their colours, such as rouge, bleu, vert and jaune. In Art, the children have been working on night-time pictures using paints. They have also been enjoying playing games with their buddies. The children have all been learning songs for their Nativity show in December, The Sleepy Shepherd. They have been practising their singing with Primary 2. Josh is a shepherd and Emily is a sheep in the performance!


1/11/18: In Science we are learning about the differences between day and night and have been learning about Owls. We used fine motor skills to cut, paste, draw, stuff and stick the features of an owl.






23/10/18: Betsy and Cameron chatted today about what P1 have been learning at school. They've been learning some French. Betsy knew that "Bonjour!" means hello, and Cameron knew that "oui" means yes. They have been making the French flag  from red, white and blue tissue paper too.

Betsy said that their Jolly Phonics letters which they have been working on are e, c and k. They have been learning their letters in a fun way, such as drawing a picture which start with that letter. In Art with Mrs C, the children have been working on Autumn leaf pictures. They have been painting over leaves and then pressing them onto paper.


25/9/18: Amy and Jessica talked today about what they have been learning in class. They enjoyed the Soup Lunch which P1 did for the parents and carers to come to. The children helped to make soup with Mrs Irving. The soup was really good apparently. Jessica said, "I almost ate all the bread. It was so yummy". P1 play with their buddies on a Friday afternoon and outside at break times. Amy likes playing a board game with her buddy called "Fashion Frenzy" which has handbags and dice. Amy said, "When I'm lining up, I always give my buddy a hug. A really big one."

In Art, the children have been using different types of lines and colours to make special pictures.

The children have also been making trees for Autumn, painting with red, orange, brown, yellow and green.


The girls talked about the sounds "d", "i","t","p" and "m", which they have been learning. The children have been creating dinosaurs and ducks with paper plates, crayons, googly eyes and feathers to consolidate their understanding of the letter "d".

Jessica and Amy talked about the words they have been learning which link to the characters in their reading books. "I've been learning Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy and it."


18/9/19: Ellie and Lewis talked about the sounds they have been learning recently, "a", "n" and "s". They have been practising and saying these sounds. They are also up to number 8 today, having learned how to write and recognise 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 so far. In PE they have been doing alot of running about. Both Ellie and Lewis liked the "bean game" best, and also the Tigger game. In Music, the children have been singing songs and listening to them on the smartboard. Ellie and Lewis said that in Art, Mrs Cochrane has been getting the children to stick paper together to make things: Lewis made a "No Parking" sign and Ellie made a walking TV! Lewis said that one of his favourite things is playing schools with the special little smartboard that's just for the children.


4/9/18: Chloe and Rowan spoke today about what they have been learning in class in the last couple of weeks. Chloe said they'd been drawing pictures of ducks, and Rowan said that in Art, with Mrs Cochrane, they have been drawing zigzags and making stripes. In Music they have been singing songs, like "A Sailor Went to Sea", and in PE they have been pretending to be fast, medium and slow cars driving around.

Rowan said, "I like to play in the doll house; it makes me happy. I like playing with my friends the most, and my best friend in the world, Jessica. I like to play with my buddies. They are called Grace and Carly".

Chloe said, "I've been playing in the playdough. My favourite colour is pink. We've been making letters a, i and c. I like to play with Emily because she's very nice".


Here is the Primary 1 Class Charter, which the children and teachers worked on together to decide which of the Articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child were particularly important and relevant to them, and how they could ensure these rights are acheived: 



Mrs Cant teaches the class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with Mrs Davidson teaching on Wednesday and Friday. Miss Anderson teaches Music on a Monday and Mrs Cochrane teaches Art on a Tuesday. PE is taught by Mrs Hunter on a Wednesday, and Mrs Cant on a Monday.


Please make sure that your child brings their water bottle and a snack to school every day. Bottles should only contain water, not juice, and can be refilled throughout the day. Friday's snack should only be fruit, because as a school we promote "Fruity Friday". This will be eaten together in class before the playtime bell.

Please make sure that every piece of your child's school uniform has their name in it, as we accumulate a huge amount of lost property with unnamed items. It is also worth checking after a few washes to make sure that the names are still legible.

School lunches are free from P1-P3 and everybody should have had the menus home. It would be really helpful if you talk to the children before school about what their choices are going to be for that day, so that they have thought about their options before they choose in class.

Homework is given out twice a week: it is issued on a Monday, to be handed in for Wednesday, and is then issued again on Wednesday to be in for Friday. (If it is finished early, your child can bring it in when it is done). Children should bring their plastic folders to school every day.

The children are beginning to learn some letters and sounds and are learning to read some active literacy words. We will be focusing this term on settling into their new routines, and our main topic will be "People Who Help Us". Our Class Charter will be based around the four school values of Honesty, Ambition, Respect and Kindness.

Our P6 buddies are doing an excellent job of helping our new starts settle into the school, so thank you to them.


Here are the pictures of our first day at school.