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Ms. McLaren   

Support: Mrs Paterson  




 Our topic this term is World War II

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 Here are many good website links to find out more about World War II:


Blitz sounds

Air raid in progress-good

Fire engines

Spitfires scramble

All clear



 Anne Frank


Very good video


 Usborne quicklinks


Loads of links



Enigma machine




Panoramic views


A Wartime home




 Rationing challenge



  Evacuees letter



 Research challenge




Air raid sirens




Radio clips

Including Chamberlin’s speech

Run rabbit run


Churchill finest hour

Vera Lynn

1940 news summary

Evacuee interview

German surrender



Imperial war museum





Scotland in WWII



Scots at war site (***)



Send a coded message



Female spies



Evacuees movie, Dunkirk, Secret army, Bombers and bombed, D-day(***)








 30.10.19: Carly and Kylah chatted today about what they have been learning recently. The new Promethean Board in class has been exciting and is much more interactive than the old board, so they are enjoying that. The class have been note-taking about the ISS (International Space Station), so that they will be able to write a story about it. Their Astronaut Training continues in PE, and they  enjoyed the "Flying Eggs" project where they had to pad and protect a raw egg and construct a parachute for it then drop it from the high platform in the park. If it landed safely, without smashing, they had completed the challenge successfully.

In Maths, the class have been working on fractions, and doing many computer-based games to practise their skills, including splat games and TT rockstars.


They have been doing Dalguise reflections on Glow, with partners, and have been working on their spelling and grammar using Super SPAG resources. The class do paired reading with the Primary 2 class each week on a Friday morning. They do the date, registers and lunches in French every morning, and are now pretty good at understanding instructions in French. Some of the children also take part in Makaton Choir on a Monday lunchtime


Here are some links which will help the children's learning for Mission to Mars:


Nasa website with latest ISS Crew, Nasa, Kids’ Club and much more



Eating in space




Washing in space



 Drive a Mars Rover, Name the next Mars Rover, etc






Mars Panorama





23.10.19: We are continuing with our Mission to Mars topic this term. We will be going to Bertha Park for a transition visit to learn about CPR soon. We will also soon be starting Robotics for the Vex IQ Challenge 2020. We are hoping to get parent helpers with the robotics, so please contact Ms McLaren if you are able to help. If you would like to learn more about vex IQ please look at this website:


This term we will have a Community Games Challenge where  members of the Bridge of Earn community are  going to come in on Friday afternoons to do problem solving games with the class.



30.9.19: Rachel and Chloe chatted today about what P7 have been learning recently. As part of their Mission to Mars topic they have been doing research about individual astronauts, such as what they are famous for. The class have also been doing astronaut training for their PE lessons. This has included climbing up the wall bars in the gym 10 times and then jumping off, doing 4 sets of 24 push ups and 4 sets of 25 squats.

 The class have launched their "You 2 Can Help" campaign, encouraging everyone in the school to bring in 2 cans of food which will be donated to the Foodbank to help people who cannot afford to buy all the food they need to feed their families each week.

In their literacy, the children have been concentrating on their punctuation. They have also been writing about their experiences at Dalguise. Rachel and Chloe both agreed that their favourite thing at Dalguise was the Giant Swing, where they were clipped into a double seat, hoisted high up in the air and then were released to go flying through the air. Both girls said they were scared of heights, so they were really brave to do this.

Most members of P7 have just finished their refresher Bikeability course, to remind them of what they learned last year in Bikeability 2. This is to prepare them for later in the school year when they will be doing their Park Run.


Between 16th and 18th September 2019, P7 went on a fantastic trip to Dalguise, accompanied by Ms McLaren, Mr Johnston and Mrs Dewar.







11.9.19: Amy and Roman chatted today about what P7 have been learning in the last few weeks. They have been doing a lot of learning about the Mission to Mars topic, and have been making mission patches. They have also been working in groups to make fact files about certain planets. In Art, with Mrs Cochrane, they have made pictures of themselves as astronauts, and have also drawn space scenes in chalk. In PE the class have been training like an astronaut, and in Bid Write they have started writing a sci-fi imaginative story. P7 have been working on rounding up and place value in Maths, and they also do TT Rockstars on the iPads  or Hot Seat each day (which is where one person sits in the teacher's chair, and the other children ask them questions from the 1-5 times table and then the 6-10 times table. If the person in the hot seat answers all the questions to the 10 times table correctly they get a prize.) Primary 7 children also have extra responsibilities, such as helping with dinner duties, as well as paired reading with Primary 2 children.



Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle containing fresh water (not juice) to school each day. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name, including PE kits. PE kits should be kept in school. PE will take place on a Thursday with Mr Marshall, our PE specialist, and Art will be with Mrs Cochrane. Please bring in an old shirt to keep in school for use as an art apron.